Strategic Website Planning

Stra·te·gic (strə-tē′jĭk) ‘Important or essential in relation to a plan of action’. Plan a creative, strategic website plan for your business.

Creative Design starts with what you want your site to do for your business. Obvious? Perhaps not.

What is it you want your website visitors to do? Visit you, call you, place an order, leave a comment, email you … ?

These options should form the basis for better design and “calls to action” on your website. not just another “hope they find us”, out-of-the-box website; cheap, (maybe not always) cheerful (hopefully), but highly ineffective in bringing you business.

Surprisingly, often the development process moves from “I want a website” and into development far too quickly.

At Creative Design we seek to actually understand your business before the website design work starts. The result will be a more effective website, suiting what you do and how you operate your business.

Understanding your business better can also result in opening up new opportunities for you!