Social Media Strategy | Development & Integration

Social media is increasingly important to extend the reach of your business and can be an excellent sales tool when properly researched and planned.

Having said that, poorly designed and poorly executed social media is nothing but a time consuming and expensive activity.

We used the term sales tool above because that is what it should be. So, just like face to face selling you need to have a strategy. Ask yourself the following questions:
Who are my ideal customers?
Where on social media do they hang out ?
When will I find them there?
What should I be posting to social media, when and how often?
Where will I find that content?
Do I want to use social media to drive traffic to my website or will it stand alone as a sales tool?
How will I schedule my social media?
How will I manage customer interactions on social media?
Who will manage this for me?
What budget will I allocate for social media?
If you can’t yet answer those questions don’t waste a minute on social media until you can. Creative Design Consulting has in house social media experience and expertise. Let us help you create a  social media strategy that works.


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