Website Performance Monitoring | Competitive Analysis

Your website is up and out there! Now you need to monitor its performance, in particular key phrases and competitors. Are you are getting full ROI?

Creative Design can assist you to better understand how your website is performing with the search engines and to fine tune the way in which your visitors will find you. We can also help you to appreciate where you stand with your web competitors¹ and business competitors.

Website Monitoring Basics

Install Google Analytics on your site. Also check with your website host if other server statistics are available to you in your hosting package – a website statistics utility I would recommend is AwStats, as it provides a list of search words and phrases used to find your site; Google Analytics, for obvious reasons, does not.²

Now you have website statistics, Creative Design Consulting can explain what they mean and assist you to interpret them. You wouldn’t drive you car without instruments would you? Don’t spend money and time on a website and then not know how it’s performing

Keep your website on track!

If you have paid for your website development and for SEO work to be done, you need to know that your target audience is finding your website and, if not, figure out the changes that should be made.

Genuine organic or natural SEO work cannot guarantee results, unless someone knows the Google algorithm, but its good to know where you stand. Keeping in mind that good SEO is relatively simple, but time consuming, painstaking detailed work and NOT automated. Believe me, details do count.

Creative Design Consulting does nor undertake PPC – Pay Per Click – or associated advertising campaigns; these processes a business advertising decision and have NO effect on SEO. If you have been told otherwise, get another opinion.

Creative Design Consulting helps you monitor website performance

We use third party software to deliver objective results on your positioning and to rank your competitors (web and business) against your site.

Why is this important? Because if you keep searching for your business on the web and clicking on your own search result, Google may elevate your site in your search results (but not someone elses) providing a “skewed” ranking result.

We will have established the key phrases you wish to monitor at the time of development, or subsequently when you discover your website – not developed by Creative Design – is not performing as you wish. In conjunction with analysing your website, performance monitoring will will paint a picture of your current positioning on the web.

Over time it may be that the key words you used to describe your business are no longer appropriate; we can then test other phrases and help adjust your website SEO.

SEO is not set and forget. It helps to know how traffic is going over time, and adjust accordingly.

One of our reference clients has consistently had its No.1 search term in the top 3 of at least 20 million results for 6 years plus and around 20 of its 35 first page results within the top three listings on Google; they have done for over 3 years. Most of these key phrase search results also number in the millions. Resilience and sustainable SEO can deliver results of this quality, consistently.


¹Bear in mind that your competitors on the web are the sites that stand between your site and a top ranking in search results, not necessarily those businesses that are your direct competitors. For example, the XYZ Widget Company may operate in another state or even another country, but their listing appears above yours, that is a “web competitor”. How they have achieved that ranking for a particular search term needs to be researched, analysed and translated into changes on your website.

² Not obvious, please ask us!