Website Copy Writing

Get the message across quickly, concisely and have a potential customer connect with you! That’s  what you want! Attractive graphics and effective image tagging will definitely help.

The basics of good SEO copy writing

A page with good grammar, correct spelling and well formed hyperlinks is attractive and professional, inviting confidence in you and your message.

Use of keywords and keyword phrases written in plain language help the search engines find your website and ensure your visitors understand its message.

Website copy writing is a specialist skill, simple and straightforward. That’s what Creative Design does for your website.

Avoid this

No keyword “stuffing”; that invariably looks bad and reads strangely. Also the employment of tricky placement of words on pages can have you banned. Not clever … stupid and costly.

Writing for the web is not the work of a novelist or a marketing brochure writer.

Don’t entertain design ideas that make your site look unattractive and unprofessional, including:

  • multiple coloured fonts
  • multiple font sizes
  • animated images
  • too much going on

Page elements like this are just distracting.

Copy writing, NOT copyrighting!

Lastly, a reminder that copyrighting is the work of expensive lawyers and patent attorneys, not website copy writers.