Website Content Development

“The longest journey starts with the first step” … Lao Tzu.

I know I want a website, but how and what do I put on it? This is the perplexing first step and the horror of most developers lives.

If you start somewhere else, like “I want my website to look like this”, you’re at the wrong gate!

Pretty or funky only starts working when your page is found and someone is looking at it.

Creative Design will need you to answer a couple of simple questions:

  • “Why do you want the website?”
  • “Once you have a user on your site, what do you want them to do?”
  • “What is the interaction(s) you want from your website visitor which will lead them to engage and do business with you?”

What do you do next? You already have some material, a business plan, some sales or marketing material, product or service information,  images … and more.

Creative Design will sort this into ideal content for separate pages, which will maximise search engine focus on that particular page content. We can then start strategic design for the whole site, including successful search engine optimisation for each page.