Business Consulting & Mentoring

Creative Design business consultancy specialises in SEO. Why? Because you need to understand business and people for successful SEO.

Technically, SEO can be done by a robot, but the best real SEO results come from research, analysis and creative writing for the search engines. Deliver what the search engines want to see and they will reward you with well ranked results under most circumstances.

Business Analysis

Analysing your business before deciding website content is essential for effective and sustainable  SEO.

If your website content is confused and intermingled on your website, the search engines cannot be expected to sort the wheat from the chaff! You need the business analysis first, then content development.

Business Mentoring

Young micro business owners and sole traders can rarely afford the services of expensive developers and SEO specialists. They often build their own sites with well known, easily accessed free or low cost templates. Does that sound like you?

If you have a business plan and a well thought trough approach to making a dollar, I’m willing to assist you at little or no up front cost to develop and SEO your site. In varying degrees, that means thinking through, with you, the site content, organisation and development. As far as SEO is concerned, most template products will have native facilities or plug-ins for SEO, so you can do it yourself. With some guidance and principles to work from, you can potentially do it well.

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