We treat SEO – search engine optimisation as a business consultancy. We will focus on a strategic website plan, designed for your business.

To add real value to your website, we want to understand your business and how you want your website to contribute to your bottom line! The more we understand, the better business your website will do for you. If disintermediation is part of your business strategy, we can help!

Our fees.

We work on the KISSS principle: “Keep it Simple, Straightforward and Sustainable”.

Strategic website planning and how we can improve your business

  • Understand your business and what you want to achieve with your web and social media presence
  • Develop a web site optimisation strategy designed for your business
  • Deliver a specification for your web developers
  • Ensure you fully understand what we have done and why
  • Review your website to ensure the quality and relevance of our initial work
  • Provide competitive firm pricing

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We do not seek to

  • generate “untargeted” visitor numbers for the sake of it – an incorrectly targeted visitor is a waste of everyone’s time
  • replace your marketing resources
  • attempt to outsmart the search engines – practices that may result in relegation in result rankings or exclusion from the search engines
  • embark on strategies that we believe will “devalue” your web site over time and may have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

How we work

We work with business partners for graphic design and actual website construction, including sophisticated back end database technology and content management systems. Our objective is to assist you in the strategic design of your website to achieve business success through intelligent web and social media strategies.

Creative Design Consulting is all over it!

Creative Design personnel keep themselves as informed as possible on emerging search engine issues, both “good” and “bad” from reliable and ethical sources in the search engine world.
Should we see an emerging trend that may affect your site we will let you know and suggest a strategy to address that trend.

Do we know it all? Definitely not, but we do have a long term commitment to sound analysis of information from intelligent sources which we use in combination with straightforward common sense. In the long term, this will benefit your business more than any glossy hype or marketing spin.

Creative Design Consulting Fees

Standard rates are $225 per hour.
All Projects can be quoted on a “not to exceed basis”.

Additional Services, quoted on request, include:

For further information on any of our services please contact Creative Design Consulting