SEO Myths & Predictions

We watch practices in SEO and continue to be amused at the BS lines out there. It’s complicated! No, SEO just requires hands on intelligence . “There’s one born every minute…”

Myths Busted

Don’t worry, Google will find me anyway!

The search engines are very clever, complicated and will no doubt find your site … eventually. Why not apply a little intelligence and make it so much easier and faster for that to happen?

If you believe that rankings will “just happen” or that there is nothing that can really be done to influence them, consider this: somehow, some sites are better ranked than others, why is that? If you site is listed at 19,999,999 of 20,000,000 how would you feel? Think anyone will look that far?

Guaranteed #1 ranking!!
Right, so the SEO company with this offer also owns Google or they’ve hacked their encrypted search engine algorithm. Pigs might fly; read the fine print before paying or wasting your time talking to them.

Give it to me now!
If your site is not on the first page near the top, that’s it, you’re dead. Maybe true, but let’s take that one step further; assume your web site is found by a search engine in the top 5 results, but the “description” looks like rubbish; the person looking will move on to a more attractive listing.

Single page brochure sites are really popular quick and easy, I want one!
Yep, they can look great, and very hip, but if you have enough different topics (keywords & key phrases) on the one page, you’re just confusing the search engines. Separate pages for separate subject matter … or expect low search engine results.

Wow, its got bits and things that move constantly and really great images
Must be a great site design….then again, if the initial design and SEO is not right, it can be all show and no go. The very things that make it look great are design elements the search engines can find confusing to index. If your not ranking high in the search engine results, does it matter what your site looks like? Another fabulously exciting way to waste your money.

Pay per click (PPC)
PPC might be effective if you get revenue from the click, but otherwise you may as well give your money to charity – you’ll feel better that way. The advocates and providers of PPC may be good at directing traffic to your site for a limited time, but they do not care if that leads to revenues for you, they already have your money in the bank. PPC strategies have a legitimate place in your web marketing strategy as well targeted advertising, along with effective social media campaigns; but think carefully about where to spend your money.

Get a really good “marketer” to write your content
It does not necessarily follow that writers whose only experience is producing hard copy brochures know anything about writing for search engine optimisation or SEO. See our take on web copy writing.

SEO is one of the Dark Arts
SEO is not, and does not have to remain a mystery; Creative Design Consulting and ethical SEO practitioners seek an open business relationship with you to assist your business to grow by demystifying SEO – search engine optimisation.

You will know and understand what we have done and why we have done it; you are not “tied” to us in any way for your future updates. In fact we promote the use of websites that will allow you to do it yourself. However, if you are pleased with what we do for you, we are guessing you will invite us back, or have us quality assure the work you do.

Creative Design Consulting provides practical advice to ensure you have the best chance to continue promoting your business on the web through sound copy writing and practices using straightforward SEO techniques.

Lots of links get you high rankings!
The Search engines have moved on and are wary of “link farmers” and take a very dull view of websites using questionable practices as they mess with accurate results; delivering accurate results is what makes them $$$billions, why would they compromise their income?

Our developer told us he/she knows how to optimise our web site
Ask for examples by actual searches and compare with other SEO offerings. There are a lot of con artists out there, often “automating” SEO from sub-standard content. Hey, if the content is not good, and automated  SEO job will be only as good as the copy it uses.

SEO – search engine optimisation and technical website development are very different skill sets and require a very different approach. These are rarely found in the same head – with some notable exceptions we’re sure – we just haven’t met any yet.

Our Predictions

The leading search engines have already barred certain practices. As they continue in fierce competition they will weed out dodgy and misleading practices by websites that attempt to cheat their way into high ranking results. If the search engines fail to deliver results which are relevant to their users, they will loose credibility, shareholder value and revenue.

The money involved for the search engine companies is too much to allow bad practices in the long term. Constant revision and secrecy of the search algorithms is clear evidence of this.

And the search engine companies WILL strike back! See, for instance Googles rules on “No follow” for blog page hyperlinks

The search engine providers are not stupid and those that treat them that way or try to “outsmart” them, will eventually come unstuck. We figure this is just common sense and avoid any suspect methods in our advice.

Metadata and Keywords
Sites will be judged worthy of higher rankings by the search engines where keywords and phrases in page titles and meta data accurately reflect site content. Likewise, use of inappropriate keywords and phrases in meta data, keywords stuffing designed to spam the search engines and poorly structured site content, will result in poor rankings. This was written 12 years ago … still true.

Directory Sites
Sites, other than legitimate and credible directory sites, which establish large numbers of links to them in very short timeframes will not achieve high rankings. This is already in evidence through Google’s policy of making such sites serve some “apprenticeship” to establish credibility over time, rather than simply ranking them highly as soon as they come online, based on the number of links to them.

Perhaps our KISS principle should be KISSS “Keep it Simple, Straightforward and Sustainable”.

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